andrew garfield

his cosplay game has greatly improved






The same brooch.The same pearls. The same love. 

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this is so sweet

i’m america and i love the queen more than obama


Largest amount of swag I have ever witnessed


that one time Carleton became a fucking O.G.


Alrighty, so through various giveaways on here, black friday deals, and family presents, in the past few months I’ve been able to acquire the stuff shown here. My parents obviously believe its way too much for me to keep, and at first I was thinking of selling it, but I don’t really need any money right now sooooo
This is for the followers, and as this is a blog run by my friends, you MUST BE FOLLOWING
Included is
-Macbook Pro, 13.5 in
-iPad 3
-iPhone 5 (no SIM card, you’d have to put your own number in)
-3 SPECK cases (red, grey, and black)
Boxes shown are what they’ll be shipped in (No shipping fee but I don’t ship internationally sorry)
-Reblog this post
-Be a patient lil person ok
MAY THE GIVEAWAY BEGIN (these make gr9 xmas presents fyi)
Also if you want another chance at a MacBook Pro, my friend’s doing a giveaway of his own here

Yo, so a week ago was my birthday and I was given a new macbook air and so I’m in no need for my old macbook pro, so I thought I’d give it away.It’s been reverted back to it’s state before being set up by my friend. I will pick one person by December 24th to receive this and I will message them for their address. I will be paying for the cost of having to ship it, you will need to do nothing but the following steps.1. Reblog this post2. Like it3. Follow the URLs: - w0t-teh-fuck.tumblr.comThey are internet friends of mine whom I want to help out, so I thought I’d give them the followers instead of asking for you guys to follow my main account. (This is an alternate one)So hopefully whoever wins this will get as much fun out of it as I have, I have included the box as shown above and it’s from 2012, so it’s in almost new condition.Let the contest begin! c: